The International Conference on Agribusiness, Food & Agro-Technology (ICAFAT 2018)
Medan – Indonesia, 19-21 September 2018

It is our great pleasure to announce the International Conference on Agribusiness, Food & Agro-Technology (ICAFAT 2018), to be held in September 2018 in Medan, Indonesia. The conference is organized by Universitas Katolik Santo Thomas, Indonesia. The ICAFAT 2018 is designed to focus various scientific tracks covering major areas of research on Agriculture Science. The goal of the international conference is to provide opportunities for professors, academics researchers and students from all over the world to come together and learn from each other. The ICAFAT 2018 aims to accelerate scientific discoveries and major milestones in the current situation, challenges and innovations relating to the following topics, not limited to:


Agribussiness and Entrepreneurship, Climate Smart Agriculture, Innovation and Sustainability In Developing and Emerging Economies, The Role of Big Data In Agriculture, Economics and Management of Agribusiness: Global Challenges, Innovative and Sustainable Food Logistics, Governance and Contracts Issues In Chains and Networks, Agriculture Engineering, Plant Science, Agricultural Production Systems and Agribusiness, Agricultural Biotechnology, Agroforestry and Landscaping, Agricultural Resource Management, Polymer In Agriculture, Agricultural Machinery, Bioinformation System, Precision Farming, Remote Sensing and Agri GIS, Public Policy Issues In Agribusiness, Marketing, Distribution, and Retailing In Agribusiness, Value Chains and Strategic Alliances, Agricultural Finance, Insurance, and Risk Management, Information and Communication Technologies In Agribusiness, Supply Chains In Agribusiness, Food and Nutritional Security and Its Implications In Agribusiness, Agribusiness Education Gender Issues In Agribusiness, Sustainable Consumption and Production (Including Sustainable Standards), Innovations In Agribusiness, Rural Development and Agribusiness, Agribusiness and Ecosystem Services, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Agriculture, etc.

Food Technology:

Food Security and Sustainability, Food Safety, Fermentation Technology, Food and Nutritional Security, Food Storage and Technology, Food Microbiology, Dairy Technology, Food and Nutrition, Food Nutrients, Food Packaging, Food Ingredient Technology, Human Sensory Systems and Food Evaluation, Postharvest Technology Of Fruit and Vegetables, Advanced Analytical Techniques In Agriculture, Food Lipids, Food Proteins, Developments In Food Technology, Food Grading, Food Chemistry, Food Science and Technology: Tools, Techniques and Instrumentation, Food Processing, Preservation and Packaging, Food Microbes: Probiotics and Functional Foods, The Chemistry of Food Ingredients, Food Security: The Rising Crisis and Its Manangement, Food Public Health and Hygene, Food Industry and Health Hazard, Medical Foods: Enteral Nutrient Solution, Food Safety: Prevention and Control, Diary Food and its Commercial Future, Food Waste Management, Food Adultration: Laws policy and governance, Baby Food and its Future Potential, Food Farming and Machinery, Food Psychology, etc.

Agriculture Engineering:

Biological Engineering, Agricultural Biotechnology, Agricultural Waste Recycling, Agriculture And Environment, Agriculture Engineering, Biofertilizers And Biopesticides, Greenhouse and Horticulture, Hydroponics Farming, Organic Farming, Plant Tissue Culture, Poultry Farming, Sustainable Environmental and Agriculture, Stress Resistance, Agricultural Processing, Agricultural waste management, Golden Rice, Mechanized Agriculture, Climatology and Atmospheric Science, Seeding, Tillage and Harvesting, Molecular Genetics and Live Stock Farming, Agricultural Protection and Food security, Crop Protection and Awareness, Energy Conservation and Agriculture, Agricultural Resource Management, Crop Irrigation and Livestock production, Agriculture and Environment, Plant Sciences, Agricultural Waste Management, Soil and Ground Water Remediation, Solid Waste Management, Waste Water Management, Sustainable Agriculture And Food Systems Water Supply and Treatment, Environmental Engineering Planning and Impact Analysis, etc.